+St. John Maximovitch

"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must be Eastern. The West was fully Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies." +Saint John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco

You are the inheritors of a precious treasure: the authentic and Orthodox rites that nourished thousands now in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Orthodox Church thanks you for preserving this tradition all these years, so that it could be restored to her through Western Rite Orthodox parishes. +Bishop Basil, Bishop of Wichita and the Midwest of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.

AGM Minutes

Minutes and Balance Sheet of the Fifth AGM of the
Western Rite Community (UK) ROCOR held at Isleworth on 27th November 2016

Balance Sheet 2015-2016


Minutes and Balance Sheet
of the Fourth AGM of the Western Rite Community (UK) ROCOR held at Isleworth on
13th December 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

Minutes of the 2014 AGM
Draft Minutes of the 4th AGM
Balance sheet 2014-2015


.Annual General Meeting 30th November 2014
to take place at Canterbury
following the Service at Saint Martin's Church

Please find below the links to the relevant papers for the meeting.
We sincerely hope to see you there.

Minutes of the 2013 AGM
 2014 AGM Agenda


Provisional Minutes of the Second AGM of the Western Rite Vicariate (UK) ROCOR held at Headington on
17th November 2013 at 12:00 p.m.

Were present at the meeting:

  • Father Tomas Cook, Chair
  • Philip Pughe-Morgan, Secretary
  • Gildas Méal, Treasurer
  • Nicholas Harris
  • Silouan
  • Jana

Apologies for absence:
  • Rev Stephen Trott
  • Fr Dominic M Pyle-Bridges
  • Eadmund Dunstall

Agenda Item
Welcome.  Opening Statement by Father Thomas

Father Thomas reviewed the events of the year.  We had 13 Liturgies and we held Vespers at Glastonbury 2nd February.  The highlight of the year was the Episcopal visit by Bishop Jerome last February (12th to 15th) culminating with the Episcopal Liturgy on Friday 15th.  We also had memorable Vespers at Saint Mary’s (13th & 14th), Newnham Murren with the local congregation.
The other main event was the Decree from the ROCOR Synod last July putting any further development of the Western Rite within ROCOR on hold until further notice.  A long discussion ensued about the various possibilities and strategies that could be considered.  The general consensus was to continue as we have done so far and to wait for further news from the Synod.

Minutes from the First AGM of 18th November 2012

The minutes were accepted and signed as a correct record.


Matters arising from the previous Minutes

Gildas confirmed that Father Thomas is now an authorized  signatory for the cheques

Financial Report

Gildas provided the financial statement for the year.  Including the starting balance of £727.19  we have received £3097.71 and the expenses amounted to £1990.05 thus leaving a balance of £1107.66.  This will be adjusted on 5th December 2013 with the meeting agreeing that our financial year should go from 5th December to 4th December the following year.
Gildas confirmed that soon after 5th December he will claim tax on about £2619.65 of donations since we opened the bank account, thus we should recover some £650 from HMRC.

Propers for the UK Western Rite Community

Father Thomas confirmed that, with Bishop Jerome's guidance and blessing, we have now adopted the Ordinary of the Mass according to the English Missal (with modifications).  We shall use the Knott Missal translation of the Tridentine Mass as a starting point and, after the necessary corrections, we shall compile a Missal for congregational use.

Planning the year ahead

  • Event at Saint Mary’s, Newnham Murren: It was the general consensus that we should try to have either a Liturgy or some other service at this special place of worship.  It will probably be some time during Lent, either on Ash Wednesday or during Holy Week.  It will be decided nearer the time.
  • It was confirmed that the Icon of Our Lady of Glastonbury has been commissioned from Eadmund Dunstall.  We shall try to organize a special blessing event in Glastonbury, if possible, once we acquire the Icon.
  • Father Thomas confirmed that he would like to acquire a few more items to help him with services.  These could include cassocks and surplices, cruet set and tray, altar cloths, Missal Cushion, a cope.  He will order them in his own time and will submit the invoices to the treasurer.
  • It was agreed that producing a Missal for the use of the Congregation would be very useful.  Gildas will start work on this and hopefully come up with the finished product as soon as possible (see 23).
  • Defining our Mission and developing a Strategy:  This item had already been discussed extensively under item 19 and was not developed any further.  However, it was pointed out that the two greatest saints who have supported the development of Western Rite are Saint Tikhon and Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco.  We all agreed to pray for these two Saints’ intercessions for the preservation of the Western Rite.

Fr Thomas

Any Other Business
No other business

Date of Next Meeting to be determined.

Minutes agreed




Minutes of  the First AGM of the Western Rite Vicariate (UK) ROCOR held at Weston super Mare on
18th November 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Were present at the meeting:
Father Tomas Cook, Chair
Philip Pughe-Morgan, Secretary
Gildas Méal, Treasurer

Agenda Item
Welcome.  Earlier today, we had a splendid celebration by our first home-grown WR priest where all the members of the Committee were present.

Minutes from the Inaugural Meeting of 6th August 2011

The minutes were accepted and signed as a correct record.

Matters arising from the previous Minutes

Bank Account (3): Father Thomas now needs to become a signatory of the Bank Account and has been asked to sign the necessary forms for the Bank.

Financial Report

Total Receipts for the year until 4th November are £1042.65
This includes £260.65 (US$420) as Father Thomas’s contribution to RWRV HQ.  This will go towards his expenses to the next RWRV Conference in 2013.
The expenses were:  balance of dues for web site        £   85.92
                                  Ordination expenses                       £ 229.54

This leaves a balance in the account of £727.19

Any Other Business

Philip reminded us to compile an up-to-date mailing list of all people who had contacted the WRV(UK) showing an interest in our mission and work.  Philip will start the list and then pass it on to the other members for completion.

Philip will go to Oxford in a week and investigate possible sites for worship.


Date of Next Meeting to be determined.

Minutes agreed

Signed Father Thomas, Chair

Date 17th November 2013